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        T-MKQ Mobile Platforms 3D dynamic laser marking machine
        • TYPE T-MKQ-1212-F100(150,275) T-MKQ-6060-F100(150,275)
          Laser Power 100W 150W 275W
          Laser Type Co2 RF metal laser tube
          3D dynamic marking area 300mmX300mm~1200mmX1200mm 600mmX600mm
          Largest mobile mosaic marking area 1200mmX2400mm 600mmX1200mm
          Speed 0~8000mm/S
          Min-laser beam 0.145mm~1.09mm
          Positioning accuracy 0.01mm
          Supported File Format DST、PLT、BMP、DXF
          Compatible Software CORELDRAW、PHOTOSHOP、AUTOCAD
          Electric power requirements 380V/50HZ
          Unit Power 4KW 6KW 8KW

        • ◆Equipped with X-axis movement functions can be automated multi-bit processing, greatly reducing the discharge of standby time,
          improve production efficiency;
          ◆With Z-axis lift system can thus choose the best spot and light intensity adjustment processing format at any time in accordance
          with the marking range, to ensure processing results;
          ◆Switched mobile platform enables large-format mosaic marking (1200X2400mm), for large-format products to meet customer
          demand for marking;
          ◆Optional vacuum adsorption platform that allows the material to be processed more smooth easy to move, so as to enhance
          effectiveness and precision machining;
          ◆The latest generation of three-dimensional dynamic galvo system with large format (one-time maximum processing
          range 1200mmX1200mm), small spot, speed, etc.
          ◆Fully enclosed design, the use of safer, less impact on the work environment;

        • Application Of Industry:Advertising, lighting, clothing, embroidery, trademark, leather goods, luggage, shoes, gifts, etc., and related industries.

          Applicable Materials:Leather, fabric, paper, wood products, acrylic, crystal, ceramic, marble, and a variety of non-metallic composite materials

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