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        MLM-ACE Large format fiber marking machine
        • TYPE MLM-1515-ACE T-YPM
          Laser Type 20W,30W,50W
          Work Size 1500mm X 1500mm 1000mm X 200mm
          Disposable marking range 200mmX200mm
          Engraving Scanning Speed 0-5000mm/s
          Repeat positionging accuracy ±0.05mm
          Smallest Character Engraving 0.01mm
          Mark Engraves Depth 0.01-0.2mm  
          Dichroic Cutting reaches 256 colors to cut
          Electricity 0.1mm
          Max Marking Moving Speed 220V±10% 50/60HZ
          Rated Power 2000W   600-1200W   
          Dimensions(mm) 2770 X 2320 X1 545 2770 X 2320 X 1545
          Light Quality 1.4~2.0
          Electricity demand AC220V+10%/50HZ/5A
          Cooling requirements Air cooled
          Supported graphics formats PLT、DXF、BMP
          Unit Power 500W-1000W

        • ◆The latest sign making technology, green, green, pollution-free, effective solution to the problems of the conventional chemical etching process to produce serious environmental pollution
          ◆Can be customized according to customer demand, the largest machinable materials 3000X2000mm
          ◆Imported servo drive system, imported ball screw and linear guide transmission, higher precision
          ◆Professional laser software, automatic completion of graphic sculpture, easy to operate, fast

        • Application Of Industry:Advertising products, decoration, lighting, gifts, clothing, shoes, glasses, bathroom, etc.

          Applicable Materials:Can marking metals (including metals) and some non-metallic, such as nylon, translucent keys, plastic, ABS, PVC, PES, steel, titanium, copper or the like.

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