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        LH Forme plotter for carton
        • TYPE LH-1813 LH-2513 LH-3017
          Size 1800mmX1300mm 2300mmX1300mm 3000mmX1700
          Chuck lift height 10mm
          Speed 25-10000mm/min
          Repeat postioning accuracy ±0.01mm
          Supported File Format PLT、DXF、AI、BMP
          Compatible Software CORELDRAW、ILLUSTRATOR、AUTOCAD、Photoshop
          Work Environment Room temperature 3-45 degrees C, humidity 30-80%
          Electricity 220V±5%/50HZ
          Rated Power 500W 600W 700W
          Weight 280kg 300kg 400kg
          Machine Size(mm) 2300mmX1900mmX850mm 3000mmX1900mmX850mm 3410mmX2300mmX850mm

        • ◆Control system: High-speed motion control system of independent intellectual property rights could draw various complex graphics
          quickly and be perfectly compatible with CA systems of Boye Industries’ laser engraving machine, which lead to data interoperability
          and more convenient and faster operation;
          ◆Working platform: Using laser light guide plate with LED backlight possesses advantages of clear and soft lightning, long lifespan and
          low power consumption. Addintionally, the platform is equipped with scaleplate for consumers’ convinience of location and adhesion of
          rubber plate;
          ◆Pasteboard quality:The CNC technology used can outline the details of every part of the box roundly with 0.1mm repetitive position
          accuracy, which is 15 times of traditional manual drawing. It can avoid the influence of subjective factors and ensure product quality;
          ◆Motion structure:Imported ball bearing linear guide way is used to ensure stability and accuracy of the device operating at high-speed;
          ◆Work efficiency: Mechanical drawing with the efficiency more than 10 times of traditional manual drawing can significantly improve the
          speed of board changing subsequently.

        • Mainly used in packaging, printing, engraving industry, printing corrugated boxes, bags printing and other industries, for PVC board, PP board, yellow cardboard, cardboard red, white cardboard, brown paper, kraft paper, fiber and other floor material.

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