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        CAP Large format laser cutting machine vision positioning
          CAP1610-BAB CAP1810-BAB CAP1610/2-BAB CAP1810/2-BAB
          Laser Power
          Laser Type
          CO2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
          Work Size(mm)
          1600 × 1000 1800 × 1000 800 × 1000 × 2 900 × 1000 × 2
          Cutting Speed
          Laser Energy Control
          Feeding way
          Automatic feed
          Feeding System
          Simple feeding device, Automatic correction feeding device (optional)
          Camera system
          18 million pixel HD SLR camera
          CCD field of view
          1600X1000 1800X1000 1600X1000 1800X1000
          CCD detection accuracy
          0.5-2mm According to the shooting range adjustment
          Graphics Format Support
          Software Support TAJIMA,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP,ILLUSTRATOR,AUTOCAD(all type of AUTOCAD software in cloth)
          Dichroic Cutting
          reaches 256 colors to cut
          2400 × 1700 × 2600 2600 × 1700 × 2600 2400 × 1700 × 2600 2600 × 1700 × 2600
          Total power
          1500-1700W 2000-2200W

        • ◆Large format: maximum one-time processing 1800X1000mm graphics, to overturn the traditional camera cutting machine can process small graphical problems
          ◆High precision: can cope with complex graphics to achieve high-precision cutting, deformation matching algorithm, the deformation can be precisely cut format
          ◆Saving materials and environmental protection: multi-model cut and arranged parallel algorithms to improve efficiency, save material, automatic suction humidity and significantly improving the working environment
          ◆Suitable materials for a wide range: in addition to ordinary processed fabrics, but also joined the deformation matching algorithms to effectively solve the problem of high elastic cloth material cut after deformation
          ◆Configuration 1800W pixel digital camera, to achieve full-page second shot function,hundreds of samples, shoot second, one second match of advanced vision lighting system, effective guarantee uniformity of brightness of the visual field

        • Application Of Industry:

          Trademarks, Mark weaving, embroidery, toys, gifts, clothing, luggage, leather goods, shoes, textiles, curtains etc.
          Applicable Materials:

          Cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and other textile and apparel fabrics and leather, wood, acrylic,cardboard and other non-metallic materials.

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