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        LML-340FLaser die cutting machine
        • TYPE LML-340F
          Work Size 483mmX340mm
          Laser Type CO2RF metal laser tube,water cool,10.6um
          Laser Power 300W
          Application Materials Self-Adhesive Paper
          Positioning Method Visual positioning
          Repeated positioning precision ±0.2mm
          Supported File Format PLT、DXF、AI、BMP
          Compatible Software CORELDRAW、ILLUSTRATOR、AUTOCAD、Photoshop
          Working Environment Room temperature 3-45 degrees C, humidity 30-80%
          Electric power requirement 380V±5%/50HZ
          Total Power 6KW
          Net weight 800kg
          Machine Dimension 2457mmX2050mmX1750mm

        • ◆No need for traditional mechanical die, can quickly design and process patterns through the computer, saving the cost and time of making die;
          ◆Automatic paper feeding, receiving and folding can save manpower and improve production efficiency;
          ◆Equipped with a high-precision visual positioning capture system,automatic recognition of graphics for cutting, eliminate paper error, improve the processing accuracy;
          ◆Use the three-dimensional dynamic mirror system and high-performance metal rf laser, with fast speed, small spot, strong cutting ability, stable performance and other characteristics;

        • Self-Adhesive Paper die cutting

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