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        V-HSLC-N Camera laser cutting machine
        • TYPE V-HSLC-1206-N V-HSLC-1410-N V-HSLC-1610-N
          Laser Power 50W/90W/100W/130W
          Laser Type Co2 sealed laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
          Work Size 1200mm×600mm 1400mm×1000mm 1600mm×1000mm
          Speed 25-30000mm/min
          Max Moving Speed 5 million-pixels CCD camera
          Repeat postioning accuracy ±0.01mm
          Supported File Format PLT、DXF、AI、BMP
          Compatible Software CORELDRAW、ILLUSTRATOR、AUTOCAD、Photoshop
          Work Environment Room temperature 3-45 degrees C, humidity 30-80%
          Electricity 220V±5%/50HZ
          Rated Power 1000W-1500W
          Weight 220kg 280kg 300kg
          Machine Size 800mmX1150mmX1050mm    2000mmX1550mmX1050mm 2200mmX1550mmX1050mm 

        • ◆High precision: 5-million-pixel CCD camera imported from Japan is applied to deal with various complex graphics and achieve high-precision cutting;
          ◆Long lifespan: High-performance CO2 laser optical system offers stable laser power and long lifespan;
          ◆Extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free, avoid polishing, Processing high speed, high precision, less waste, high efficiency
          ◆The unique design of the new structure to support high-speed cutting, engraving, from low-end to high-end to meet the various product requirements

        • Application Of Industry:Education industry,model industry (construction model,aviation navigation model, wooden toys), the advertising industry, decorative, crafts gift industry, electronics and electrical appliances ,Advertising signs logo, crystal ornaments, paper cutting techniques, relief, bamboo carving simple process, the printing plate, leather clothing, embroidery,  frame production. Industries.

          Applicable Materials:Acrylic, wooden planks (light wood, wood), bamboo products, color plates, paper, leather, shellfish, coconut shell, horn, resin, animal skin, ABS boards, lamp,Plexiglass, glass,  rubber, marble, granite, ceramic tiles non-metallic materials and so on.

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