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        • TYPE AWNP-E-25F4
          Quantity of print head 6,8
          Printing area 2500mm
          Print head(1 PASS) ≈500、700㎡/h
          The max printing resolution ≥360x600dpi
          The min text Numbers, letters 2mm
          Graphics Format Support PDF、JPG、BMP、TIF
          Color model C、M、Y、K
          Ink Type  Water ink
          Printing head Mirco-piezo hightest print head
          Control system Digital-printing control system from  LeiPeng Intelligent Technology
          Drying speed Drying after printing for carton.(the others according to different materials)
          Ink-provide Two ink supply, Fully enclosed ink supply channel efficiency
          Work environment Room temperature15-32 degrees C, humidity 20-70%
          Platform Vacuum adsorption
          Feeding material Automatic
          Machine size 4320mmX2230mmX1800mm   
          Rated Power ≈2.3KW    
          Electricity 220V±10% 50/60HZ   
          Weight 2300KG

        • ◆Intelligent jump white features: large format large blank area automatically jump white printing, higher production efficiency
          ◆No power feeding system: smooth feed format 2500 × ≦ 1500 mm manual single release paper may be longer, the number of stacked cardboard cardboard size, smoothness, strength, influence of the thickness of the affected
          ◆Intelligent test paper system: automatic detection and thickness Feed, intelligent car height adjustment
          ◆Automatic sprinkler maintenance: software features automatic flash spray nozzle maintenance functions to ensure the smooth flow of the spray holes
          ◆Industrial grade nozzle: It has the lowest 360x600dpi high resolution, high nozzle life and low maintenance cost
          ◆Easy printing debugging: the use of advanced spray holes switch control and feathering technology, easy to complete printing overlay adjustments. Make more perfect printing results
          ◆Smart Sort Order: Customer is free to set the order of the continuous production of different orders and sequential automatic production, the operator does not need another half-way single row, to achieve three seconds fast for a single, time-saving more
          ◆Equipment complies with CE standards and industry requirements hommization

        • Packaging and printing industry,types of A,B,C,E corrugated board, honeycomb paperboard, thin wood, etc.    

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