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        CV Camera laser cutting machine
          TYPE MCV8560-AB CV-1008-AB CV-1610-AB CV-1810-AB CV-1008/2-AB CV-1610/2-AB CV-1810/2-AB
          Laser Power 50W/60W/90W/100W/130W/30WRF/60WRF
          Laser type CO2 laser tube,water-cooled,10.6 um
          Work Size(mm) 850×600 850×800 1450×1000 1650×1000 400×900×2 700×1000×2 800×1000×2
          Cutting Speed 25-40000mm/min
          Laser Energy Contrl Real-timeadjustble
          Feeding way Automatic feed
          Feeding System Special feeding device for Rolled-up label(optional)
          Camera system 5 million-pixels CCD camera inported from Japan
          Graphics Format Support DST,PLT,BMP,DXF,AI
          支持软件 TAJIMA、CORELDRA W、PHOTOSHOP、ILLUSTRATOR、AUTOCAD、all type of AUTOCAD software in cloth
          Dimensions(mm) 2520×1350×1220 1650×1550×1150 2250×1750×1150 2450×1750×1150 1650×1550×1150 2250×1750×1150 2450×1750×1150
          Total Power 800-1000W 1000-1200W 1500/1700W

        • ◆Easy operation:The CCD camera positioning cutting and the feeding platform for the rolled-up label can cut the rolled-up label by automatic,and dispense with manual positioning and feeding;
          ◆High quality: Incision caused by laser cutting is smooth, burr-free and with automatical pinching and no distortion;
          ◆High precision: 5-million-pixel CCD camera imported from Japan is applied to deal with various complex graphics and achieve high-precision cutting;
          ◆High speed: Unique and intelligent forecasit control algorithm with high performance linear guideways could assure that stability and efficiency of operating device;
          ◆Long lifespan: High-performance CO2 laser optical system offers stable laser power and long lifespan;
          ◆Broad application range: Design of double work platform can meet diverse needs of customers;

        • Application Of Industry:Mark industry, Mark weaving industry, embroidery industry, the toy industry, Cardboard industry,mobile phone panels,the technology industry and other gifts

          Applicable Materials:Leather, cloth, plexiglass, wooden, paper products

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