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        EG-ACE Laser light guide engraving machine
        • YPE EG-2515-ACE EG-1515-ACE LGP-1410
          Laser Power 30W,50W,90W,100W,130W
          Work Size(mm) 2500×1500 1500×1500 1370×990
          Engraving Scanning Speed 25-100000mm/min 25-20000mm/min
          Cutting Speed 25-30000mm/min 25-10000mm/min
          Laser Output Control real-timeadjustable
          Highest Scanning Precision 2500DPI
          Graphics Format Support DST、PLT、BMP、DXF、AI
          Software Support TAJIMA,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP,ILLUSTRATOR,AUTOCAD,All Type of AUTOCAD software in cloth
          Dichroic Cutting reaches 256 colors to cut
          Dimensions(mm) 4020×2200×1195 2770×2320×1545 1920×1600×990
          Total Power 5000-5800W   1200-2000W  

        • ◆Widely applicable: processed Acrylic extruded plate and PS plate
          ◆Speed: Panasonic servo drive system, imported ball screw and linear guide transmission, the light guide plate engraving fastest
          approximately 18 min/m
          ◆High Brightness: the brightness of the light guide plate after processing compared to laser light guide RBI machine has improved
          ◆Large format: can be customized according to customer demand, the largest material processed 3000X2000mm
          ◆Professional guide plate making software, automatic production of light guide outlets, easy to operate, fast
          ◆Open working platform to facilitate the placement of processing materials, and can work with the pipeline to meet the largeformat
          and large number of processing needs
          ◆Speed, real-time tunable laser energy, which greatly facilitate the customer's operations
          ◆Using LAN interface, two-way communications, improved transmission speed and accuracy; One computer can controlled up
          to 254 laser equipment, greatly reduces customer investment and maintenance costs

        • Application Of IndustryLighting, advertising display, electronic products, decoration lamp industry advertising signage, LCD displays, decorative lighting, light boxes, signs, industrial lighting, LED panel light, LED crystal slim light boxes, signs, X-ray reading sheet boxes, film read the piece boxes of produce

          Applicable MaterialsAcrylic extruded plates,Cast acrylic plates,PS plates and other materials

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